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The Architecture of Place

Journal 19 November 2020

The Architecture of Place: Planning for Rapid Urbanisation with Ben Bolgar, Haja Halimah Lukay, and Peter Oborn

The Prince’s Foundation, the ICAA and INTBAU are currently collaborating on a series of high-level online talks on ‘The Architecture of Place’.

Perhaps now more than ever before, we are all aware of the built environment that surrounds us, and of the impacts it has on the health of individuals, communities, and the planet. The Architecture of Place series is bringing together established and emerging voices working to create a better built future.

The next talk ‘Planning for Rapid Urbanisation’ will take place on Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST with Peter Oborn (Chartered Architects and Strategic Client Advisor), Ben Bolgar (Senior Director, The Prince’s Foundation), and Haja Halimah Lukay (Development and Planning Officer, Bo City Council, Southern Sierra Leone).

The world’s urban population is projected to almost double over the next fifty years, and if current settlements trends persist, this would mean a tripling of the urban land mass. Half of that growth is projected in secondary cities and across Commonwealth Countries, with much of it likely to be unplanned.

In this session, we will hear from Peter Oborn from the Commonwealth Association of Architects, who has just published a survey of the professions – a critical piece of research exposing how areas of the world that are growing most rapidly often lack any professional built environment resources. Ben Bolgar from The Prince’s Foundation will then present a new mayor’s toolkit designed to assist with planning for rapid urbanisation in places where professional planning resources are scarce. Ben will be followed by Haja Halimah Lukay from Bo City Council, Sierra Leone, who will talk about her experience of using the mayor’s toolkit in Bo (where the urban populations is projected to triple in 20 years) and how she and her team have managed to implement the first phase of development control ‘planning and planting’ within 7 months of starting the process.

For more information and to register for the talk please click here.


Running from October through December, this series of six lectures and discussions is open and accessible to all, with a focus on students and young practitioners across the world. Each program in The Architecture of Place series will be hosted via Zoom and introduced by Michael Lykoudis, Dean Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, and will be free and open for public registration.

You can register for any of the upcoming talks in the series on the ICAA’s website here.

The Prince’s Foundation would like to thank its supporter for this series, Mr Paul Beirne.

Additional thanks to Fairfax & Sammons, ADAM Architecture, and Size Group for their generous support of INTBAU for this lecture series.

And additional thanks to The Benton Family Foundation for its generous support of the ICAA for this lecture series.