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Farm to fork

Our Farm to Fork offering focuses on experiential hands-on learning on our rare breeds farm at Dumfries House estate.

An understanding of animal welfare and sustainable farming practice links develops knowledge of food production systems and how to eat well.


Our farm education activity takes pupils from Primary 1 through to upper secondary school and develops an understanding of the food production system and good practice in farming. Workshops are contextualised by age and range from the opportunity to view an egg in development to handling new-born chicks or focusing on one particular industry such as dairy or beef farming.

Secondary pupils undertaking rural skills qualifications are able to gain a greater understanding of animal husbandry and welfare beyond that available in school to enhance their skills and knowledge. We place great importance in sustainable farming practice to ensure that pupils who take part in our workshops develop an understanding of the issues the planet currently faces in producing food for an expanding population without detriment to the planet.