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Fay’s Story

Fay Edwards began the MA in Sustainable Urbanism in September 2015. She tells us about the programme highlights and why she’s excited about the future of urban spaces.

“Before starting the MA, I was doing fieldwork about urban agriculture in Bandung and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Having seen the worst of rapid urbanisation in Indonesia, I was inspired to learn how to ensure that our future urban spaces are well designed and healthy for all.

“We had a packed introduction to the programme, with master classes led by experts in space syntax, economics, product design and traditional architecture, and the chance to conduct independent research on tactical urbanism and climate change. We also learned how to use BIMBY (Beauty-In-My-Backyard), an open source version of the Foundation’s pioneering consultation process Enquiry By Design.

“This unique and complex MA will help me move into my career with a critical understanding of the field”

“I was really impressed by the Foundation’s multi-disciplinary masterclasses with leaders in their fields. They were always engaging and insightful, and encouraged creative thinking. The real highlight for me was one led by Dr Frances Holliss, Emeritus Reader in Architecture at London Metropolitan University and Director of the WorkHome Project. She explored the idea of recreating convivial, sustainable cities through live/work buildings – a simple solution to a very complex problem.

“Once I finish this course, my ambition is to apply all the knowledge and skills I’ve developed to create sustainable urban environments – within the context of climate change and an increasingly uncertain future. This unique and complex MA will help me move into my career with a critical understanding of the field.”

The MA in Sustainable Urbanism has been discontinued. We are working to launch an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism in 2020 with a university partner responsible for validation and accreditation.

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