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Community Sewing Bee

The Sewing Bee runs weekly at Dumfries House with morning and afternoon slots, 12 places available in each session. It has a rolling programme to allow anyone to join regardless of skill level when vacancies arise. Members develop a high level of skill including pattern drafting, making and finishing a range of garments.

In addition, the Sewing Bee members work as a small co-operative at set times of the year to make bulk products for charity such as Christmas Stockings for Ayrshire Cancer Care or upcycling pillowcases into children’s clothing for an African based charity.

  • The programme at Dumfries House, Ayrshire, runs weekly on a Tuesday.
  • Morning sessions (10.00am -12.30pm) and afternoon sessions(1.30pm – 4.00pm)


The Knitwise programme was launched in October 2019, supported by the Joseph Ettegui Foundation, with the aim of training and developing a small team of locally based hand-knitters to a high standard of skills, in hand knitting and finishing simple to complex garments. British brand Connolly will mentor the project and help future proof and preserve these heritage skills.

The programme will bring together a hand knit community based at Dumfries House who will be able to develop the skills and aptitude to earn a living by working as an outworker for the hand knit industry in the UK. They will also be encouraged to become ambassadors for the craft by ensuring they are connected to our pupil network for events and demonstrations.

The programme runs fortnightly on a Thursday

Morning sessions (10.00am -12.30pm) and afternoon sessions (1.30pm – 4.00pm)

Teacher CPLD

Various programmes designed to support art and home economic teachers as well as those who wish to develop further skills in sewing and pattern manipulation. Offered during holiday periods and weekends.

Events/Community Education

Each year we run a number of events for schools and the wider community. Since September 2019 we have worked closely with Fashion Council Germany to host a sustainability conference at Dumfries House, Ayrshire for emerging brands and young people. We took part in the national Festival of Making in Blackburn in 2019 and 2021. An event teaching sewing and embroidery skills to the local community.

We regularly run community sewing events across the year at both our sites and these are featured in our What’s On pages.

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