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The CHANEL & Prince’s Foundation Métiers d’art Fellowship in Partnership with Le19M

The CHANEL & Prince’s Foundation Métiers d’art Fellowship in Partnership with Le19M is a residential 24-week intensive embroidery programme designed to challenge and develop creative practice with a focus on skill development and refinement.

This specialist postgraduate-level programme will provide students with intensive training opportunities in the field of Embroidery for Haute Couture and the Luxury Fashion Industry – essential for successful progression into the industry. The Fellowship takes place at The CHANEL Métiers d’art Training Atelier at Highgrove, and over two separate weeks at Le19M in Paris. Teaching is delivered by artisans and highly skilled tutors, with mentorship and guidance by Creative Directors from Maisons d’art such as Lesage, Atelier Montex and Lemarié. Throughout the programme there are opportunities for students to expand their creative process and presentation skills through contextual studies lectures, presentations and critiques. Only six students are selected each year and awarded bursaries to help towards the cost of living. This practice-based learning encourages creativity, builds skill-confidence and prepares recent graduates to become artisan embroiderers of the future.

About the Programme

The CHANEL & Prince’s Foundation Métiers d’art Fellowship in partnership with Le19M will equip students with a wide range of creative and practical skills, geared towards high-end atelier studio practice. The Fellowship will focus on hand embroidery and beading skills, providing students with access to studio space, expert tuition and materials. Contemporary embroiderers must constantly re-invent traditional skills. As such, the course will improve technical ability and encourage creative experimentation and presentation skills, all essential qualities for a successful career in the fashion industry. A vital part of the creative development process will be the opportunity to gain real-life insight from the ateliers at Le19M in Paris for two separate weeks, with travel and accommodation included.

The course fellowship runs from Monday 29th January to Friday 12th July 2024.


Teaching and Learning

The fellowship is studio based and we require students to have a collaborative approach to teaching and learning. We encourage students to be in The CHANEL Métiers d’art Training Atelier at Highgrove, undertaking course activities and research with dedication and commitment. As this is a fully-funded postgraduate-level programme, provided through the generosity of our partnership with CHANEL, we have high expectations of studentship, studio etiquette, productivity and outcomes.

Taught sessions will encourage students to develop their own learning style, create new ideas and learn specialist techniques, as well as featuring group discussions and tutorials. Peer-on-peer support and a positive, collective learning experience are essential requirements of fellowship students.

The course has been developed in partnership with CHANEL and Le 19M to reflect a ‘real- world’ studio culture and expectations. Students will be given the opportunity to reflect upon gained knowledge and skill training during personal tutorial sessions. We encourage students to reflect on their achievements and performance through on-going personal evaluation.

Tutorials, critiques and/or work reviews form an integral part of the programme, and students will see a variety of guest tutors throughout the 24 weeks. Students will be supported by Jamilla Ives, the Curriculum Coordinator, throughout the duration of the programme.

Self-directed sessions are allocated throughout the programme and should be used accordingly. Students are encouraged to prioritise and time-manage their own learning schedule around the timetabled Schedule.

glass craft work

Course Structure

Stage 1: Development At Stage 1, students will refine and practise skills whilst contextualising practice. Drawing through observation, developing creative values and creating samples will be core components at this intensive stage of training. Stage 1 includes a week at Le19M in Paris, with training delivered by acclaimed tutors at the prestigious Ecole Lesage. Students will be accompanied by staff from the UK.

Stage 2: Exploration At Stage 2, students will develop concepts and engage in experimentation and research, supported through a structure of tutorials, presentations and contextual discussions. The aim of this stage is to expand on working methodology and concepts with a contemporary focus for Fashion. At the start of Stage 2, students will spend their second week at Le19M in Paris, meeting their mentors and being introduced to the Maisons d’art. Students will be accompanied by staff from the UK.

Stage 3: Consolidation At Stage 3, students will produce final concepts guided by expert tutors and advice from their assigned mentors. Samples will be produced to be exhibited.

Find out more about the course, location and how to apply here.