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“For a long time, people thought that because there were so many animals and plants, and such a big wide ocean, and lots of air and soil, we could carry on like this forever. Other living things might suffer, but not us. We’re people, we’ll be okay. We forgot we were part of nature, too.”

At The Pierburg Building and Kauffman Education Garden, we bring this message to life through practical activities looking at food miles, seasonality and food waste and the impact of using up finite resources like soil nutrients has on our world.

Pupils explore how food can be grown in a sustainable way, and how food reaches our plates in natural and manmade systems and the problems that these can create.

We aim to bridge the gap between humans and other living things, placing emphasis on the principle of one-ness. We are nature.

◼ The Prince's Foundation has launched a new programme of education activity to link to the publication of It's Up To Us, a children's Terra Carta. The book explains the situation our planet is in and outlines all the amazing steps children can take for a better future for our planet. To find out more about food education programmes available to your school, click here.


Our education team have compiled a series of engaging activities for young people to explore this theme, which can be accessed below. We will regularly be adding to these, so keep checking back!

Developed with the support of Baillie Gifford

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