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Terra Carta

“We will listen to the people whose ancestors lived in harmony with nature for generations. We will work together with artists, scientists, engineers, farmers, designers and lots of other smart thinkers to find the best way to keep the planet and ourselves healthy.”

We teach young people where their food comes from through science and farming.

Farming, done well, can show the best in regenerative practice and avoid the large mass-production detrimental to the planet. We show young people all the different varieties of animals. We allow them to get up close and get to know the animals and their needs.

Valentin’s Education Farm on Dumfries House estate each month welcomes hundreds of school children, who learn about animal husbandry, the provenance of food and by-products of farm animals. The farm is home to rare breeds that include Castlemilk Moorit sheep, British Landrace and Tamworth pigs, Shetland geese, Scots Grey and Scots Dumpy chickens, Pied Crollwitzer turkeys, and three breeds of cattle ‒ Beef Shorthorn, Whitebred Shorthorn, and Vaynol.

◼ The Prince's Foundation has launched a new programme of education activity to link to the publication of It's Up To Us, a children's Terra Carta. The book explains the situation our planet is in and outlines all the amazing steps children can take for a better future for our planet. To find out more about farm education programmes available to your school, click here.


Our education team have compiled a series of engaging activities for young people to explore this theme, which can be accessed below. We will regularly be adding to these, so keep checking back!

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