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Flowers in the gardens of Dumfries House

Journal 10 February 2020

The Prince’s Foundation and Sustainable Future

Leading Global Families Respond to HRH The Prince of Wales’s Call to Action

“The money is now at last beginning to become available… because there are trillions of pounds out there, particularly in the private sector which can now potentially be harnessed to drive real change. The key is the private sector, which has to lead, then you can create a partnership with the public sector.” HRH The Prince of Wales

The Prince’s Foundation’s friends from i(x) investments announced today that in response to HRH The Prince of Wales’s call for the world of finance to invest in sustainability solutions, a new partnership has been formed with a group of leading families from around the world and The Prince’s Foundation. This initiative will be called Sustainable Future and will engage the world’s leading families in identifying and making investments that help address the climate emergency and global sustainability issues.

Flowers in the gardens of Dumfries House

Sustainable Future was born from a gathering at Dumfries House in East Ayrshire, Scotland. At the invitation of The Prince’s Foundation a group of families gathered from around the world to discuss and respond to the call to action from His Royal Highness. Inspired by the impact and surroundings of Dumfries House Estate, Sustainable Future’s efforts will incorporate The Prince’s Foundation’s guiding principles - Creating Harmonious Communities; Respecting the Past and Building the Future.

Chris Martin, Executive Director at The Prince’s Foundation said, “We are thrilled that our President, HRH The Prince of Wales, has, through his work both at Dumfries House and in the wider world, inspired this commitment from i(x) investments and the many families from around the globe to decarbonize our economy and rescue the planet from catastrophe.”

Sustainable Future has four primary strategies:

  1. Engage the world’s leading families in sustained commitment to making investments that generate top-tier returns while creating measurable social impact

  2. Convene these families for periodic meetings where investment opportunities are shared

  3. Report publicly about the investments and impact made and provide case studies about how families are addressing the world’s sustainability challenges through private investments

  4. Drive support for The Prince’s Foundation as an exemplar of HRH’s vision of sustainable practices

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