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Ashleigh Douglas celebrates receiving submissions to the knitted art installation

Journal 19 March 2021

The Prince’s Foundation invites knitters to contribute to art installation

Dumfries House is receiving a steady stream of contributions from knitters all over the world towards a patchwork mosaic of thousands of hand-knitted squares to be draped over the estate’s historic Adam Bridge, which dates back to 1760.

The aim of the project by The Prince’s Foundation is to encourage awareness of knitting as a pursuit beneficial to mental health as well as a traditional craft form that uses sustainable materials and produces long-lasting garments and blankets. Once the installation is dismantled, the patchwork will be cut into smaller blankets and distributed to charities in need.

The installation forms part of a wider collaboration between The Prince’s Foundation and The Joseph Ettedgui Foundation which aims to recreate a community of hand-knitters in the local area with an interest in turning their hobby into a viable business proposition. The objective of the Knitwise initiative is to train and develop a small team of locally based hand-knitters to a high standard to help future-proof the industry.

Ashleigh Douglas, Future Textiles Manager for The Prince’s Foundation at Dumfries House, said:

“Knitting is a very relaxing craft form that is known to have multiple benefits such as reducing depression and anxiety, and increasing a sense of usefulness and inclusion."

“The Knitwise group features participants of all skill levels - from complete beginners to experienced knitters - and it has been heartening to see them all working together towards the goal of creating this wonderful art installation."

"We would like to invite beginners and experienced knitters from all over the UK to contribute to our art installation project from home in a sustainable way by using up ends of yarn or unravelling unworn knitted garments to make a 20cm square to be included in the patchwork mosaic."

Contributions should contain the name and hometown of the knitter and can be posted to “Knitwise”, Dumfries House, Cumnock, KA18 2NJ. Squares should be a minimum of 20cms x 20cms and knitted-together blankets of squares should measure no more than 120cms x 150cms. Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2021.