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Sarak Workshop

Sark Community Engagement

In April 2023, The Prince’s Foundation visited the channel island of Sark to conduct a community engagement exercise.

In consideration of a strategy for long-term stewardship for the island, The Prince’s Foundation were invited by the Seigneur of Sark, and appointed to engage with the community to conduct an early-stage assessment of the current situation.

The Prince’s Foundation employed their process of Enquiry-by-Design, which seeks to facilitate effective and continuous engagement with stakeholders and community members to collaborate on the future of their place. Through various activities and conversations, the community have been consulted on where they see strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for Sark, and this has informed our appraisal that seeks to assess across all aspects of the Community Capital – the natural, social, financial and built. The Report of Findings outlines the activities that took place, their outcomes and our resulting Community Capital Assessment of Sark. The community, stakeholders and members of the public can comment and submit further feedback to

For further information, please download the complete Sark Community Engagement Report of Findings.