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The Natural House: traditional meets eco-living

Made from natural and non-toxic materials, The Natural House is the simple solution for eco-living everywhere.

Built in 2012 and based at BRE’s Innovation Park in Watford, The Prince’s Natural House demonstrates simple, low-tech and easy-to-build, low-carbon housing, made traditionally but using natural materials.

The house, designed by The Prince’s Foundation, uses thermal mass, passive ventilation and natural insulation to create an environmentally healthy and attractive alternative to mass housing.

The walls are made of strong, lightweight clay blocks  – some of which were laid by HRH The Prince of Wales himself – that act as insulation by trapping pockets of air throughout the house. Added to this, the roof and floor space are insulated with lime hemp and sheep’s wool, making the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing heating and cooling bills. When extra warmth is needed, a wood-burning stove with gas boiler heats the house efficiently.

Many new homes have a problem with poor ventilation, but in the Natural House breathable materials including paints and floor finishes are used, stopping dust or moisture from getting trapped and potentially causing damp or mould. These natural, non-toxic materials make for a healthy indoor environment, too.

Materials have also been sourced to maximise end-of-life recyclability, including floors and windows made from FSC-certified timber and clay roof tiles.

Outside is an organic garden featuring native wildflowers and grasses, fruiting shrubs and trees, herbs, vegetables and horticultural plants to provide leisure, food and medicinal value.

See Kirsty Allsop introduce The Prince's Natural House

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