Warrior Queen

Elisabeth den Boer

Artist statement

In my work I explore the delicate relationship of people with nature. We can not survive without it, yet are rarely in harmony with it. It is these rare moments of harmony and connection that inspire my work, and make me wish to come close to the essence of beauty in the natural world. The transcendent fragility, geometrical structure and graceful elegance of flowers are a constant source of inspiration.

Elements of 16th century Dutch flower painting and Persian and Indian miniature painting have found their way into my work. I have combined these influences with the techniques and methods of egg tempera painting of the early Renaissance masters to create finely layered, almost dream like paintings.


Elisabeth den Boer Headshot

My career as a chef spans over 15 years and has taken me from the Netherlands to the UK, Austria and Italy. In 2019 I obtained the highly sought after master chef Titel in Innsbruck.

My time as a chef has given me a deep interest in and empathy to the materials I work with and an understanding of their integrity in my creative process. I source most of my materials locally from soil, rocks, plants and fungi. The preparation of the paints and grounds is almost as important as painting itself. It is where I connect to the origin and nature of the “ingredients”. Whilst crushing, grounding, layering and sanding, the pigments reveal their qualities and find their place in the painting.


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