The Resurrection

Hanne Louise L. Svane


The Resurrection
Egg tempera on wood
40 x 50cm


Hanne found herself increasingly drawn the to beauty of iconography after converting to the Orthodox Church. She started painting icons while living with her family at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York. After seminary she studied iconography under Ann Margitich at St Seraphim’s Cathedral in Santa Rosa, California, before returning home to Norway. A college lecturer, mother and priest wife, she was looking for a way to continue the journey of being an iconographer, and started at the Diploma in Icon Certificate Programme in 2019. As of this fall she is a PhD student in Traditional Arts at the School of Traditional arts in London. Her research will explore the relationship between regional and universal elements in iconography, through the making of an icon screen drawing on Norwegian traditional architecture and design.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the works on show, please feel free to contact her. The monochromes displayed sell for £150 to £185 each, and the icons range from £700 to £2000. Commissions are also more than welcome.