St Isaac the Syrian, Marius Liebus

Marius Liebus


St Isaac the Syrian (detail)
Egg tempera
20 x 30cm


Marius has been passionate about iconography since his return from a trip to the monasteries of Mount Athos (Greece) in 2016.

After painting some icons on courses in Northampton and Shropshire, in 2019 he commenced the Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts Certificate in Icon Painting.

Iconography then became for him a part of his life and spiritual journey into the theology of the Orthodox Church, expressed through the varied meaningful shapes, forms and colours of its icons. He discovered that iconography is not only deeply rooted in the Divine Liturgy but also, historically, is an integral part of the Orthodox Christian's personal prayer life.

He believes that becoming an iconographer is a gift from God and considers it nothing short of a joy to be able to share this gift with friends and others. More recently Marius has been commissioned by the Greek Orthodox Church of St Neophytos in Northampton to work on additional icons for their iconostasis.


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