Snowflake by Kayo Kimura
Artwork courtesy of Kayo Kimura

News 16 December 2020

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas from everyone at The Prince’s Foundation! We hope you are all safe and well this festive season.

To mark Christmas Day this year, we invited students and alumni of our School of Traditional Arts to submit designs that would, virtually, be shared as a Christmas card to all of our friends and followers. Kayo Kimura’s beautiful depiction of a snowflake was selected out of 10 entries to feature as The Prince’s Foundation’s official Christmas card.

Kayo is from Japan and is an alumna of the MA Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts course. She dedicated her design to Professor Keith Critchlow, her former tutor at The Prince’s Foundation who sadly passed away in April.

Kayo said: “My inspiration came from a book on Islamic patterns. The hexagonal patterns made me associate with varieties of snow crystals in wintertime. While practicing, I drew and painted with gratitude towards Professor Keith Critchlow, who is the author of the book and founder of the course I studied. He taught us geometry and esoteric universal principles. I painted with the intention of maintaining a tranquil and peaceful mind — like a meditation — amid this difficult situation around the world.

“In Japan, people — generally among younger generations — tend to get together and enjoy Christmas time with a festive purpose rather than a religious one. In this unprecedented time, I will probably spend the day as any other day, as nothing should be taken for granted.”

Congratulations to Kayo on a beautiful design, produced in honour of Professor Keith Critchlow.

Christmas and New Year Closure

We will be closing for the Christmas and New Year holiday period from 21 December 2020. We resume work on 4 January 2021.

Please note there will be no responses to emails during the Christmas/New Year closure. We will try to respond to all email enquiries as soon as possible after 4 January. Please bear with us, as it may take a little while to catch up with emails and enquiries upon our return.