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New Arts & Crafts Programme in AlUla

News 24 September 2019

New Arts & Crafts Programme in AlUla

The programme offers workshops in geometry, design principles and traditional crafts and the first workshop begins this week. We received a record number of applicants on launch and positions have been offered to 25 students on the seven-month long programme.

AlUla is historically located on the “Incense Road”, which facilitated the trade of spices, silks and other objects throughout Arabia, Egypt and India. It is a place of natural beauty, with striking landscapes and architecture evidence of Lihyanite, Dedanite, Nabataean and early Islamic settlements, all providing inspiration for the creation of beautiful designs, artworks and objects.

Workshops cover pigment and dye preparation using local earth and organic materials, painting, geometry and pattern drawing and analysis, design, and application to the crafts of wood carving, basket weaving, felt making and stone carving, using materials sourced from the local area.

We extend our thanks to the Royal Commission for AlUla for their support and collaboration in making the programme possible.

For further information about the programme, click here.