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The School launches The Centre for the Building Arts in Jeddah

News 13 March 2020

The School launches The Centre for the Building Arts in Jeddah

The Centre for the Building Arts is a regional architectural crafts and design centre for a vibrant community of designers and craftsmen.

The programme focuses on using the architectural heritage of Al Balad (Old City) as an educational and training resource through analysis and research, as well as hands-on practical training on the buildings in the Balad. It contributes towards the regeneration of the architecture and the crafts that belong to the wide cultural heritage of Jeddah and Saudi Arabia.

The programme launched in Jeddah with a series of open days in January 2020 and a first public workshop on Gypsum carving in February 2020.

A one-year programme will be launched later this year and is structured as a series of modules centred around a Crafts Workshop and Design Studio experience. Open to craftsmen, architecture and art students, engineers and designers, our vocational and design training offers opportunities to those who wish to become proficient designers to engage with the building arts and crafts. It also develops graduates to pass on the traditional knowledge and skills they have learnt and developed. After attending combined craft and design modules, students will choose to focus on design skills, or on mastering crafts techniques supported by focused project work. The programme will culminate in a major project set within Jeddah’s historic houses. At the end of the programme, students will graduate with a diploma from The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts.

The establishment of The Centre for the Building Arts in Al Balad, Jeddah, is made possible through the shared vision and partnership between the Ministry of Culture and The School of Traditional Arts.