Living Tradition - A New Centre for Education
Living Tradition - A New Centre for Education

News 29 August 2018

Exhibition in Karachi: Living Tradition - A New Centre for Education

This exhibition celebrates the launch of the VM Centre for Traditional Arts and its new Diploma Programme – beginning January 2019 – in partnership with the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, London.

For over 30 years the School of Traditional Arts has been at the forefront of research into the traditional arts as a living and contemporary practice. It is recognised for its academic and research excellence, its high standards of practical skill and craftsmanship, and for its open and holistic philosophy.

VM Centre for Traditional Arts draws inspiration from Pakistan’s artistic traditions and cultural heritage. It aims to help revive essential artistic skills and techniques, and to revitalize the relevance of traditional arts in contemporary Pakistan. VMCTA will ensure traditional arts will flourish and be taught and practised to high standards in Pakistan.

This exhibition showcases work from the Diploma Programme’s expert team of tutors. Also featured is work by 20 PSTA alumni with Pakistani heritage whose continual artistic practice reflects their unique education at the School of Traditional Arts. Their work engages deeply with the Order of Nature not only in the materials they use, but also through pattern, symmetry, and proportion which reflect a higher reality. Foundation research which will be taught as part of the Diploma Programme is also presented as a series of posters.

The show also includes a selection of student work – both individual and collaborative – using skills taught by the School of Traditional Arts in recent workshops at VMCTA.