Image of participants at the workshop
BIFT workshop participants

News 24 July 2019

Workshop at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology: Foundations of Pattern Design

The School of Traditional Arts were invited by the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to deliver a five-day design workshop, as part of a larger design programme for fashion designers.

The workshop commenced with an overview of universal geometric principles and designs underlying the order of nature. Participant designers were introduced to constructions underlying three and six, four and eight, and five-fold geometric designs and regular and semi-regular grids.

During the course, participants visited the Ethnic Costume Museum to view and sketch inspiration textiles motifs and repeat patterns, which they were able to analyse using the principles covered earlier in the course under the guidance of tutor and The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts alumnus, Samuel Fenton.

Image of BIFT workshop participants
BIFT workshop participants

The remainder of the course allowed students to investigate principles of pattern construction and colour harmony as well as create designs integrating their own ideas and decorative elements with the geometric analyses undertaking earlier in the week.

Students expressed their appreciation in being able to discover the underlying construction of traditional Chinese motifs and patterns as well as a desire to discover new constructions less traditional to Chinese design. We extend our thanks to the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology for facilitating the programme.