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The VM Centre for Traditional Arts (VMCTA) draws inspiration from Pakistan’s artistic traditions and cultural heritage. The centre looks towards the future by helping to revive essential artistic skills and techniques, and to revitalise the relevance of traditional arts in a contemporary context in Pakistan.

VMCTA was established in June 2017 by a partnership agreement between the VM Trust for Education in Pakistan, the Rangoonwala Foundation, and the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts in London.

The School’s Outreach Programmes encourage individuals and communities to realise the timeless values of their cultural heritage. The Rangoonwala Foundation’s mission is to enable the empowerment of communities by engaging in social development initiatives.

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DIPLOMA PROGRAMME in Traditional Arts

The Diploma Programme in Traditional Arts is a full time, one year programme developed and delivered by the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts. The programme focuses on geometry patterns and design, biomorphic (floral) ornamentation, colour harmony and decorative techniques, with applications in painting, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics within the rich art and architectural heritage of Pakistan. The curriculum is cross-disciplinary and combines a variety of teaching methods such as visual presentations drawing exercises, workshop activities, individual tuition, discussions, illustrated study guides, and practical skills development. All artists – from the enthusiast to the established – are welcomed to apply.





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