“A thoroughly enjoyable experience yet again, enjoyed by staff and students. It was very interesting and well-linked to the curriculum, and it was extremely rewarding to see the final artefact in the Faith Centre. All the activities were well planned and incorporated so many different learning styles. The students were focused because of the nature of the activities and had a beautiful work-book to use, which was pitched at the right level for the students. The PSTA team is fantastic and led the activities brilliantly – an invaluable experience. Please come back!”

Saima Hanif, Sir John Thursby Community College

“The workshop will, I feel, inform my future teaching practice in many ways. The sessions were well organised, the timing of the activities worked and the pupils were never bored. I have had a great three days and would love to be involved in anything in the future.”

Bridgette Connolly, Blessed Trinity

“The best thing about the workshop was the fact that I was allowed to sit together with the pupils and create pieces of drawing and embroidery. This has helped me to experience the workshop from the child’s point of view and I have been impressed how a very complex project was made easy and accessible and fun to the children. ”

Gosha Gibek, Blessed Trinity

“There was a fantastic spiritual aspect running right through the project, which the students recognised and appreciated. The awareness of the sky, the process of acknowledging its beauty, the creation of the cosmos and all the structures and shapes involved made this project an educational, emotional and inspirational experience.”

Joanne Grice, Shuttleworth College

We have really enjoyed taking part in this project and we have loved having quality time spent on artwork. As you know, not all children are natural academics and this project has given us time to celebrate artistic qualities in children. Our School has recently opened our own vegetable garden, which the children look after. They have really enjoyed being given the chance to combine nature and harmony in art.

Emily Smith and Katie Sweet, Long Ditton St Marys Junior School

This has been the most valuable course I have been involved in and attended. The sessions were very informative and allowed me to build on my own techniques. This in turn enabled me to take new ideas and initiative back to school. It also has provided me with excellent starting points to re write the art curriculum. All the children who participated enjoyed the lessons, they felt important to be involved in such a project. I will continue to share and develop what I have learnt over the last year.

Laura Hurrell

Dear Prince Charles, We have been lucky enough to enjoy Harmony learning at Ashley School. I have made platonic solids using chickpeas and cocktail sticks, an Indian Rangoli pattern based on rotation and symmetry and also made a symmetrical picture using diatoms. I think Harmony learning is fun, enjoyable and I feel honoured to be doing it.

Matthew, age 9